DJ4Life: My Time in Honolulu

Being a DJ for 20+ years has allowed me to work and see some amazing places. I started, back in 1996 while I was living in Honolulu. Back then, all I knew was how to rock a party, I had to learn the business aspects as I went. I did 60 events from 96 – 99 and then one more in 2000 for a friend.

Most of my pictures from that time are still in a box (this was before digital cameras, remember) but I kept track of all the places I performed at and scanned a few pics for my website. It was a pretty even split between Waikiki and the rest of the Oahu.

I should mention that I came up with the business name Soundworks, which was just myself and a few friends / assistants. Here are my maps (Red A marks the places I’ve been)

The streets of Waik’s

Island Life

So, if there’s any Hawaiian’s out there thinking of having a destination wedding in Las Vegas, I do know Hawaiian Music.

full list of venues performed:

Private Residence, Kailua, HI
Private Residence, Hawaii Kai, HI
Ala Moana Beach Park, Honolulu, HI
Ala Moana Hotel, Honolulu, HI
Camp Smith, Aiea, HI
Club View Estates, Kaneohe, HI
Dole Cannery Ballroom, Honolulu, HI
Double Tree Alana Hotel, Waikiki, HI
FHB Tower, Honolulu, HI
Haiku Gardens / The Chart House, Kaneohe, HI
Hale Koa, Waikiki, HI
Hawaii Okinawa Center, Wapio, HI
Hawaii Prince Hotel, Waikiki, HI
Hawaiian Regent Hotel, Waikiki, HI
Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki, HI
Ilikai Hotel, Honolulu, HI
Kahala Mandarin Oriental, Kahala, HI
Private Residence, Kaneohe, HI
Kapoleii Golf Course Clubhouse, Kapoleii, HI
Klipper Golf Course Clubhouse, MCBH-Kaneohe, HI
Laulima Rooms, Honolulu, HI
Mid-Pac Country Club, Lanikai, HI
North Shore, HI
Officers’s Club Lanai, Hickam AFB, HI
Outrigger Prince Kuhio Hotel, Waikiki, HI
Pacific Beach Hotel, Waikiki, HI
Pagoda Hotel, Honolulu, HI
Portlock House / Hawaii Kai, HI
Queen Kapiolani Hotel, Waikiki, HI
Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Waikiki, HI
Sheraton Moanna, Waikiki, HI
Sheraton Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Waikiki, HI
Turtle Bay Hilton, North Shore, HI
Waikele Country Club, Waikele, HI
Waikiki Aquarium, Waikiki, HI
Waimia Falls, North Shore, HI

A few memories / pics taken from my DJ scrapbook:

Ceremony Music at Waimaia Falls

With my friends Frankie (top) and Jess (bottom) who helped me get started

On top, a high school graduation party. Beneath, working the Fashion Show for the Bridal Expo at the Blaisdell Center

some fun pictures while Garin, Frankie and I got set up for a birthday party at the Waikiki Aquarium

North Shore, Lanikai, or Hawaii Kai? They’re all a first place tie for the most beautiful spots on earth

My first big reception, for Sheldon and Joaline

I will always show this picture (at the Hilton Hawaiian Village) to remind myself of the very beginning. My stereo systems have gone through many, many improvements since then, but it sounded good, and I played the right songs. To any other beginning DJs – use whatever you’ve got, make sure whatever you use works, and do your best.

There’s a lot to this DJ Life of mine. Humble beginnings at some of the finest hotels in the world. Hawaii was a great place to live (for a while) and a very interesting place to DJ. #MayYouLiveAnInterestingDJLife

I can’t believe it either, but YES, this was me 20 years ago. (picture from an old mixtape, taken at North Shore)



The Real DJ Steve is both a Las Vegas Wedding DJ and the owner of United DJs Las Vegas.

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