ASA Happy Fun Time

Being a DJ for 20+ years has allowed me to work and see some amazing places. I moved back to Kansas City over Thanksgiving weekend in 2013 and lived there for about a year and a half this time. While I was getting ready to re-establish my Wedding business, I got an interesting opportunity. A day before New Year's Eve, around 10:30 at night, I got a lead from my friend Rusty Turner, who had heard I was back in town and wanted to know if I was available for a NYE gig. I said yes, and then based on this random gig, my life was never going to be the same.

NYE 2013 at ASA Sushi Hibachi Lounge came together with less than 24 hours notice. I remember I woke up, had to get a haircut, then go to ASA and meet with a bar manager (Rusty's friend / contact, who only worked there for about 3 more weeks) and the owner, Jack Zheng. Everything went well in the meeting, I went home and practiced for 3-4 hours, then packed everything up and went to work.

Did I forget to mention, this was my first time as a club DJ? I'd been practicing new transitions and techniques on a new controller in Springfield, and on that day, we'd find out how I'd be in the club.

things went well

Based on that NYE gig, Jack brought me back for another night a couple of weeks later, then starting a couple of weeks after that, we agreed that I would take over for the regular weekend DJ, playing a run of 128 nights, basically every Friday and Saturday night until May 2015.

ASA Dance Floor After Dark

I get asked a lot about how busy ASA gets on the weekends. Usually by people eating dinner around 9:30 or so when the place slows down. The restaurant is one thing, what we're doing at Club Asa After Dark is something completely different. Here's proof that we do get crazy out here in the suburbs!

Talking bout practice

Working a steady Friday & Saturday night gig at ASA meant I would have to put the Wedding business on hold for a while. It also meant I would have Sunday through Thursday every week to concentrate on the music. I joined a second music pool and systematically went through its 20,000+ songs to fill the holes in my library and add a lot of remixes.

It was also 12-20 hours a week of just practicing: working on blends, scratches, cleaning up the beat grids, adding cue points, crate organization, learning how to beat match by ear, etc. I finally had time to relax on the business side of things and concentrate on how to improve as a performer.

Here are 5 mixes that I posted over that time. You can hear the flow stay consistently Steve throughout the year, but the smaller, technical details keep improving. (these mixes are all re-creations of a good night at the bar, edited and cut for time to fit on a CD)


Residency has its perks

Within reason, I had a lot of freedom inside the club to try new promotions to attract business. I could play whatever music that would draw the right crowd. Most nights we went hard in club mode, some nights we played retro hits. We gave Karaoke a try one winter, we'd take the turntables out on the patio if it was a good weather night. We did work with an outside promoter- Big Rich - for one fall.I was able to bring in some guest DJs from time to time, most notably DJ Valence from Springfield, MO and DJ Domensha one of the most sought out DJs in KC.


Being prepared for and willing to take a chance on random opportunities has always been how I've lived my life. Just when I needed it, I got a year and a half to prepare myself for the next move...







The Real DJ Steve is both a Las Vegas Wedding DJ and the owner of United DJs Las Vegas.

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