DJ4Life: My Time in Springfield, MO

My "interesting life" story took a crucial pivot in early 2012. For personal reasons, I moved to 2 hours south to Springfield, Missouri in May of 2012 and then moved back to Kansas City sometime around Thanksgiving, 2013. During that year and a half, I continued to work as a Wedding DJ. Usually booking weddings 6-9 months ahead of time meant that I lived in Springfield but worked in KC for a while, and then flipped to living in KC and finishing my weddings in Springfield.

I performed at 23 events in the Ozarks over that time (plus 14 more in Kansas City). And all of those gigs were without a van, just a car that I could fill up the front & back seats plus the trunk and just barely get everything inside -- after I switched to QSC K12s and stopped using my sub.

Here's a map view of where I was at:

Springfied, Branson, and the other places on the map

full list of venues performed:

910 Executive Conference Center, Springfield, MO
Affinity Ballroom, Nixa, MO
American Legion Hall, Aurora, MO
Diamond High School, Diamond MO
Ebbetts Field, Springfield, MO
Elks Lodge, Holiday Island, AR
Historic Firehouse #2, Springfield, MO
Howard Johnson Conference Center, Springfield, MO
Integrity Hills, Branson, MO
Payne Stewart Golf Course, Branson, MO
Private Residence, Ozark, MO
Private Residence, Springfield, MO
Remington Place Event Center
Ridge Crest Plaza, Branson, MO
RockBridge, MO
Round Barn, Walnut Grove, MO
Springfield, Lake Park, Springfield, MO
University Plaza Hotel, Springfield, MO
Vesta Room, Springfield, MO



In addition to being a traveling Wedding DJ, this is the time in my life where began to think seriously about working in clubs. And by thinking seriously, I mean PRACTICING. really practicing. re-learning and fine tuning the craft. Which would come in handy for the next chapter, and especially the chapter after that...




The Real DJ Steve is both a Las Vegas Wedding DJ and the owner of United DJs Las Vegas.

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