---This is an old video, and I hate the picture quality, but I love the memories. It's the best compilation I have that shows how much fun people have at one of my Weddings. New goal for 2018, invest in a new camera and make an updated video in HD.

Here's my original Highlight Reel and YouTube notes:
Amazing Highlight Reel Volume One: July, 2011

I Love being a Wedding DJ!!! This highlight reel is from that past year or so of Weddings and other special events here in Kansas City.

All of these clips were taken by our own personal video camera, most by my wife Some. While I think it is obvious we are not professional videographers, I think it is just as obvious that everyone is having an Amazing time during their special moments and dancing the night away.

Including me. All of the Brides and Grooms, friends, families, etc. are having the times of their life, for me however, - this IS my life. It means so much to be doing what I love for a living. I can't thank everyone enough for letting me a part of their lives, even if it is just one night at a time.

Video Provided by The Real DJ Steve. Since the time this video was taken, Steve has moved to Las Vegas and continued his career as a Wedding DJ by starting a new company: United DJs Las Vegas.

The Real DJ Steve:

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Stephen Scott (The Real DJ Steve) started his first Wedding DJ business in 1996 while living in Honolulu. During his 21 years of entertaining since then he has mastered the art of reading a crowd. He’s an open format DJ that always stays current, mixing the hottest hits of today with the all-time favorite songs.

He has performed across the country, playing whatever musical style fits that particular crowd. His move to Las Vegas in 2015 has been so successful that he has started his own talent agency to book events together with other local artists so that they can also enjoy the DJ lifestyle.

las vegas wedding dj, the real dj steve, destination wedding, united djs las vegas

The Real DJ Steve is both a Las Vegas Wedding DJ and the owner of United DJs Las Vegas.

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