Hello, my name is Stephen Scott, (aka The Real DJ Steve online) and I’d like to share my experience on what being a DJ is really like.  Hopefully, this class will let you accelerate your learning curve, giving you some of the insights it’s taken me 20+ years to learn.  Some of these things I have always know, some I taught myself, some I learned from other DJs – I’ll always do my best to share the credit and link to the people that have taught me.

You might have noticed that I started with a Bruce Lee video, in fact my DJ is class specifically based on my understanding of his martial arts instruction.  Tae Kwon Do (the way of the foot) used to be a strictly regimented series of moves that students would learn in a particular order.  Bruce Lee taught his students Jeet Kun Do (the way of the intercepting fist) to learn the moves, but also to think and apply the moves in whichever order made sense at the time.  Adjust yourself to your situation – Be Like Water.

Which is exactly the way I want to teach The Way of the DJ: Be Like Water.

I do NOT want you to learn how to MEMORIZE, I want you to learn how to THINK.

Basically I am disrespectful, I don’t prize traditions, or doing things the same way time after time.  I encourage creativity and coming up with new ideas.  What that means specifically is that while I will show you techniques and their history over different types of technology, my main goal is to show you what being a DJ is really like – the good and the bad.  (a lot of DJs are full of shit, and I’ll explain how to recognize that)

Nowadays, being a DJ involves playing music in front of a crowd, of course, but also how to talk on the mic, develop a brand, market yourself with flyers and other images, network with fans, get yourself booked, manage your business, buy your own professional equipment, and hopefully pay your bills by turning your passion into a profession.

The class will be structured as two parts:  First: the knowledge base will be this website explaining my philosophy on becoming a DJ, where you’ll improve your craft, your brand, and your business.  When you finish this part – you’ll have everything you need to know to book yourself at 2-3 times what an average DJ in your market charges.   

Next: it’s time for one on one instruction, where we’ll work together to improve your performances.  (also from Bruce Lee) I do not believe in dry-land swimming.  The theory is only a beginning, you need to jump in the water and DJ to get better.   I am not going to record how-to videos so that you can memorize what I did, you are going to DJ, and I’ll help you get better.

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Thank you,

Stephen Scott
The Real DJ Steve


"I'm not your teacher, I'm your Sensei"