Hello there, my name is Stephen Scott, and I am a Las Vegas Wedding DJ, the following post will share some of my insights on Signature Cocktails - a perfect example of Upgrade by Simplifying.

This month, I’m going to look at the bar service at the receptions, and the concept behind having Signature Cocktails. I have seen bar service come in many different varieties in my time, and the local laws will always affect the implementation of this concept. Also, a full bar that comes with the hall is different then those that hire an outside bar service or try to do it yourselves.

The concept of having a Signature Cocktail is tied to a less is more approach. Instead of offering a little bit of everything, limit the choices to a couple of ideas per drink category and go with something special. I don’t think that this is a way to save money per-Se, but by upgrading to the top shelf pours and limiting the choices, you can be more impressive with the money you do spend.

Think about the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none”. The main idea behind the signature cocktail approach can apply throughout your reception in different areas, not just the liquor service. Choosing one or two themes and developing them throughout your reception will increase their impact.

It’s good to have 2 choices of whatever you offer, no drink will be 100% popular. I’d suggest having choices that compliment each other – a “manly man” drink to go with “something fruity” for the ladies or a wheat or dark beer paired with a lighter choice. Choosing a unique drink will not only “class up the joint” at the time of the reception, but help people remember your reception as being out of the ordinary every time they come across that drink later on.



I’m going to suggest a few of my favorite drinks, and a then share a few tricks I’ve learned about presentations. If you are looking for a way to make your reception unique and memorable, handling the bar service in the right way can make a big difference. (video recipes by Tipsy Bartender when available)

Chocolate Martini

How to make the Godiva Chocolate Martini - Tipsy Bartender

A classy drink that chocolate enthusiasts will love...THE GODIVA CHOCOLATE MARTINI! This decadent cocktail is delicious! Made with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, Creme de Cacao, and half and half, it's sinfully rich and chocolatey.



How to Make a Flirtini Cocktail

How to Make a Flirtini Cocktail. When throwing a party, avoid shy-guy or awkward-entry moments by keeping a tray of your party's signature cocktail waiting at the door for guests to grab on their way in. Here's a recipe created exclusively for maximum flirting. Read more: http://www.ehow.com/video_1000331_make-flirtini-cocktail-url.html


Strawberry Banana Daiquiri

first, start with a Strawberry Daiquiri
How to make a Strawberry Daiquiri - Tipsy Bartender

Subscribe to Tipsy Bartender: http://bit.ly/1krKA4R This is truly the BEST Strawberry Daiquiri ever! It is made using a special, secret technique discovered in the Bahamas. This is the ONLY Strawberry Daiquiri recipe you'll ever need! The Strawberry Daiquiri is a gorgeous, vibrant red drink but with so many different recipes and methods out there, it doesn't always taste the same.

And then add Banana Schnapps.


This one is ridiculously easy to make, but I guarantee not only will people remember it, they will ask you to make it for them again, and again.

Old Fashioned

How To Make An Old Fashioned, A Maker's Mark Old Fashioned

There comes a time in every man's life when he needs to learn the important things.... Important things like how to dance the tango, how to back a trailer into a narrow driveway and of course how to make an Old Fashion.... But not just any Old Fashioned.

This is another one of those drinks that everyone has heard of, but probably not very many people drink on a regular basis. Which is exactly what I mean when I say unique and memorable.

*The Real DJ Steve's version of this recipe loses the bitters, muddles a slice of orange and a maraschino cherry, and tops the Makers Mark with a bit of sour. It's your wedding, make your favorite drink the way you like it.

If you have a favorite drink, that should be your signature drink. If you'd like to browse my Pinterest board Mixology for some more ideas, click below:



What about Beer and Wine?

The same concept can and should be applied to beer and wine. Instead of getting 5 kinds of the usual, go for two choices of the good stuff. Using a professional bartender can help a lot with this, as they will be prepared with the equipment and can get better KEG prices.

There are lots and lots of drink ideas out there. I’m guessing you might have a couple of favorites of your own already. I hope you read this newsletter as more than a “trendy drink list” for wedding receptions. You can serve any drinks you like, the main concept is to pick 2 that you really like, and stick with them. Elegant and simple go hand in hand, with drinks, decorations, etc. Relax, Upgrade by Simplifying, and have the Time of Your Lives!

Before we go:

Remember the saying about “beer before liquor makes you sicker“? It’s true. If you are planning on passing a bottle around, a good idea is to do it right while dinner is finishing up, as part of the table toasts. In table toasts, the Bride and Groom go around to each table and offer the guests a shot, they also get to thank everyone for coming – a good idea on it’s own- and then we start with the formal toasts.


There’s nothing that says you have to have alcohol at all. Many daytime receptions do not. Some event spaces do not even allow alcohol – New Life Event Space – is one example that I have worked with that does not. There are plenty of ways to have an Amazing reception without getting drunk, although in that case, I would highly recommend planning more interactive ideas with the entertainment for the night.


It might be a good idea to think about transportation / rooms for your guests. One person can cross the line at your reception in just a minute or so and ruin a beautiful night. One person can cross the line behind the wheel and ruin a lot more than that.

Renting a party bus or shuttle service is a great way to help keep yours guests safe. And together. A block of hotel rooms for the out of town guests or bridal party with a shuttle taking you from location to location does mean your “group” can spend more time together, without worrying about how to get home.


And always remember: this is your big day – it’s supposed to be fun.


Upgrade By Simplifying
Relax, have the Time of your lives.


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