Hello there, my name is Stephen Scott, and I am a Las Vegas Wedding DJ, the following post will share some of my insights on how to get a step ahead on your Wedding Planning.

The best way to do that is to work on Save The Date’s first.

Focusing on coming up with an accurate guest list is the best way to visualize your Wedding, and what ideas will work best for you.

Examples of Save the Date:

Save The Date announcements usually come in one of two varieties: either they are fun, quirky and unusual or they will be more formal, coordinated with the upcoming announcements and Wedding color scheme. I have seen several examples of both kinds that end up as magnets, which take a familiar spot on refrigerators everywhere.

To see a few examples and a much better write up than I could offer, check out this Wedding Wire blog post on creative ideas from May 2010. Or a quick Google image search will reveal lot of fresh and unique ideas. Although, if you are considering a destination wedding, pictures of a beach never get old.


I would also strongly recommend talking to a Professional (or 2)

First: you may notice I specifically picked full photo examples above. I am all about personalizing things to get them just right, and nothing is more personal than a picture of you. A professional engagement photo shoot is a wonderful luxury. You probably have some good pictures of you together already, but trust me, a professional will give you much better pictures, that are all color balanced / adjusted / sized/ etc (I’m not a professional photographer. I don’t know exactly what they do, but you get the idea) as well as being staged to get a better shot in the first place.

Second: a Wedding Professional that specializes in invitations will be more of a help than I can explain. I obviously enjoy coming up with my own graphics and branding, and I like to do a lot that pairs printing and online images. I like the idea of coming up with your own ideas and running with them.

Benefits of getting this right

If you are wondering how these fun Save The Date announcements can be considered a big help to the couple planning a Wedding, think about what it will take to actually send out the Save The Dates – a detailed guest list. Forcing yourself to actually find the addresses of your guests (can’t mail anything without them) will get yourself focused like nothing else can. In fact, the earlier the better.

As a Wedding DJ, I always start going over the timeline of events first with my clients, knowing that we can adjust things later on. But thinking of what we are actually going to do, lets them visualize the day in their mind. Then, all of the extra ideas we come up with will either add to their vision and we use that idea, or it conflicts with their vision and we drop that idea.

If you have a detailed guest list early, you can always leave a 10% adjustment range, just in case you forget someone. But if you really think about exactly who you want to spend the big day with, every single decision after this gets easier. The size of your venue, the food and drink options, how much time everything takes, your budget, everything, will either add to or detract from your vision.

It will also be easier to keep focused on what’s important. If you just have generic guests in your mind, it’s a lot easier to get distracted on the decorations, or flowers, or splurge items. Having specific guests in your head will tend to keep you focused on what kind of activities and extra those people will enjoy.

For example the number of out of town guests would be an important factor if you were thinking about renting a trolley for the night, or getting a block of hotel rooms, possibly even using a hotel ballroom for the Reception. Or if you have a small guest lists, many places have a minimum guest count required for Saturday nights. It might be better to change to a Friday or Sunday night instead of adding 20 extra people who aren’t that important to you, or even worse, paying for people that don’t even show up.

I know it’s a lot of work getting everybody’s address. However, it’s much much better to do this work up front, as soon as you can. Then it’s easier to adjust the plan to fit your vision, instead of the other way around.

Have fun and do it right.

And always remember: this is your big day – it’s supposed to be fun.


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