Sometimes, you just want to daydream about your Wedding. It helps to see other people’s ideas and visualize yourself there. PLUS, IT’S JUST FUN! With that in mind, I’ve got a Pinterest page, with three boards dedicated to Wedding Cakes.

Big Cakes:

The more elaborate choice that focus on the look. It seems like there are at least three shows on television dedicated to over the top cakes for special occasion. The chefs seem more like artists then cooks, and they end up with results that are so beautiful that it’s a shame to actually eat them…….almost.

Small Cakes:

A good choice to save money – a smaller ceremonial cake with sheet cakes cut in the kitchen. There is also a good chance that a smaller cake will taste better.

Cup Cakes:

Similar idea to the smaller cakes, but won’t necessarily save money. Cupcakes can be extremely decorative and upscale. However they do have other advantages, they are already pre-portioned, easy to set up and take home, and most importantly, they are more flexible with their flavor choices. Having 3 different choices doesn’t cost extra.

I’ll share some actual advice about Wedding cakes in some upcoming posts. I’m a DJ, the advice about cakes will come from the experts: professional bakers will jump in as guest bloggers. I just like to look at all the pictures.

And always remember: this is your big day – it’s supposed to be fun.


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